We use these operating principles to help us frame decisions, prioritize capital, and assess talent and performance.

Operate for Impact

Dream the implausibly obvious.

What might our planet and species look like if we reimagined our systems without the restriction of what's possible? What seems obvious, yet implausible to achieve? These imaginings should define the daring dreams we set out to realize.

Commit and persist.

Pursuing daring dreams takes time, persistence, and grit. In a world of abundance and choice, we value working with teams and investors who have the courage to navigate near-term failures, make collective sacrifices and remain committed to a mission.

Long-term bets. Short-term prudence.

Realizing success with long-term bets requires short-term operating discipline. Actively managing finite resources, changing failing strategies, and avoiding costly distractions is core to realizing value from these long-range efforts.
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Operate for Success

Speed over accuracy.

Much like evolution, business success is often predicted by speed of change, not by the accuracy of each change. Fail, learn, adjust course rapidly and repeatedly to survive and thrive.

Everyone is a founder.

The best companies are founded many times over as they continually reinvent themselves. We encourage each individual to think and act like a founder, openly and transparently questioning assumptions, driving outcomes, and being held to account.

Stay curious, lead with curiosity.

We don't know what we don't know until we know that we didn't know it. Appreciating this insight leads to an openness to new ideas, a curiosity about what's possible, and a hunger to explore and learn what may be possible. These traits drive any successful organization's evolution.

Operate for Purpose

Heart matters.

Caring for the planet, for those in need, for future generations, helps each of us find meaning, reward, and joy in our work. We value passion for the customer, the mission, and the planet above purely economic interests.

Have fun.

While meaningful work can be challenging, we never lose sight of the importance of play. Realizing true balance in living our work makes it that much more meaningful.

We first.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Our mission involves ambitious, long-range goals. Thus, we value team members who prioritize the success of the mission and the team over individual wins.
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