Foundry Process

System-level, science-led

We take a system-level, science-led approach to reimagining the large, inefficient systems of production that create the food, materials, and medicine humans consume.

Focused on efficiency

We design, build and operate businesses that enable a 10x+ improvement in the energy, cost, time, and footprint of human consumption.

Long-term value & impact

Our foundry process aims to build high-quality standalone businesses that will positively impact customers and the planet, while creating significant economic value for shareholders.


We conduct primary research alongside scientists, academics, and engineers working across physics, biology, biochemistry, genomics, medicine, hardware, and software engineering to identify emerging discoveries relevant to the systems and markets we study. 

We aim to deeply understand the commercial markets where we operate – agriculture, food, human health, biomanufacturing, and life sciences – investing time with operators, investors, and customers of key operating businesses. We aim to identify technical, economic, and marketplace transitions that create opportunities for systemic evolution.

Connecting the dots means combining the right sets of tools needed to solve a problem, each of which may otherwise be confined to their own individual discipline.

We define several theses, conduct multidisciplinary R&D, develop prototypes and proofs-of-concept, and eventually define feasibility metrics, timelines, and financial models to build a transformative business.
Green caterpillar walking up a small leaf stalk.


With conviction around a thesis and a plan, we organize mission-aligned leadership teams and deploy resources to build out a company. 

During this Foundry phase, The Production Board is the sole funding source and provides centralized operating functions, including Recruiting, People Ops, Finance, Legal, IT, Facilities, and other administrative services, allowing our teams to remain focused on their core science, engineering, product, and customer milestones.
Green caterpillar walking up a small leaf stalk.
Large butterfly sitting on a leaf, very close up.

Venture Maturity

As our projects become stable operating businesses, we partner with other investors to help the businesses grow into self-sufficient, independent companies. We maintain deep ties with key strategic and financial investors and aim to carefully partner the right business and investor groups.  As our companies grow, our role evolves to become a strategic partner alongside new investors and helping with institutional continuity.