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Reimagine Earth
We aim to reimagine Earth, creating a better home for all of us.
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We take a system-level and science-led approach to solving fundamental problems that affect our planet and its inhabitants.
our philosophy

Reimagining systems of production across key markets

Aerial view of rows of crop fields

Agriculture & Food

DNA & Virus

Human Health

Scientific machine filling tubes with a small liquid

Life Sciences

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Fundamental problems. System-level design. Science-led solutions.

We build radically transformative businesses from scratch by conducting deep research in breakthrough science and engineering discoveries. We couple that with an understanding of the global markets related to our mission – agriculture, food, human health, life sciences, and biomanufacturing – to define theses around world-changing business opportunities. We organize exceptional teams around these theses, provide them capital, infrastructure, and market insights needed to deliver a 10x improvement in the cost, energy, time, or carbon footprint of conventional systems.
Our process
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Vintage photo of a man studying scientific tubes.

Organized and optimized for long-range projects.

We are a permanent capital holding company.

This means we have the freedom to make long-term investments and build standalone businesses of enduring value, each persisting in its own unique mission. We can also provide our operating teams with the runway to be creative, aspirational, and risk-assuming.

Occasionally, we will make minority investments in existing businesses, but only if they fit squarely within an existing thesis and are led by an exceptional team best-suited to pursue that thesis. 
our portfolio
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