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Reimagine Earth
We build businesses that create a better home for all of us. 
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We take a system-level and science-led approach to solving fundamental problems that affect our planet and its inhabitants.
our philosophy

We build and invest in businesses that transform global systems of production and distribution across:

Aerial view of rows of crop fields

Agriculture & Food

Agriculture & Food

DNA & Virus

Life Sciences & Human Health


Cell under a microscope

Manufacturing & Materials

Fundamental problems.
System-level design.
Science-led solutions.

Human ingenuity has delivered unfathomable improvements for our species and our planet. We believe that business building is the only path to unlocking prosperity and abundance for our species, while improving Earth’s condition for all its inhabitants.

Our job is to connect the dots – science, markets, talent. 

We study key scientific and engineering breakthroughs with the potential to deliver radical upgrades for civilization. We develop theses on how these intersecting upgrades will transform markets. We then partner with and recruit world-class operators to launch, build, or scale businesses with the potential to uplevel our society and our planet. 
Our process
Vintage photo of a man studying scientific tubes.

Optimized for audacity. 

We started in 2017 as a permanent capital holding company with a mandate to invest for the long term and stand up businesses of enduring value, from scratch. 

We have since expanded our activities to investing across all stages of the business lifecycle. 

Today, we still found new businesses, while investing in existing businesses run by exceptional operators across seed, growth, and public stages, from multiple investment vehicles. 
our portfolio