Our Values
We prioritize first-principles thinking and strive to maximize our positive impact on humanity.

Value creation starts with creating values.

We use these operating principles to help us frame decisions, prioritize capital, and assess talent and performance.


to dream

To reimagine Earth, we must aspire to build high-impact businesses. Impact requires achieving difficult milestones. Otherwise, we are merely incorporating companies.

Everyone is a

We replace upper-case Founder status with lower-case founder ethos. When every member of a team feels informed, empowered, and aligned, everyone is a founder – and that team can beat all odds.

Put customers

Putting customers first is not a choice. It’s a condition – the only condition – to build an enduring business. Strive to provide what customers can never be without and what only your business can provide.


Lead with

Curiosity reveals possibilities in perpetuity. In fact, as businesses successfully scale, the breadth of their curiosity expands.

Inform decisions and actions

Following what others are doing, using the past as your only guide, and not interrogating for better alternatives is the surest path to mediocrity.

Debate, then

Share openly, critique respectfully, disagree early. Then commit to a decision and move together.


Bias to

Rapid iteration beats methodical analysis every time. Time is the most valuable – and finite – resource for an early-stage business.

Commit and

Ambitious goals and a bias to action yield innumerable failures, with occasional leaps forward. Only the committed can persist and thrive.

Make machines,
not work

Scalability mandates leverage which mandates reducing labor with each step function of scale.