Our Process
Fundamental problems.
System-level design.
Science-led solutions.

Human ingenuity has delivered unfathomable improvements for our species and our planet. We believe that business building is the only path to unlocking prosperity and abundance for our species, while improving Earth’s condition for all its inhabitants.

Our job is to connect the dots – science, markets, talent.
We study key scientific and engineering breakthroughs with the potential to deliver radical upgrades for civilization. We develop theses on how these intersecting upgrades will transform markets. We then partner with and recruit world-class operators to launch, build, or scale businesses with the potential to uplevel our society and our planet.
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Investment Criteria and Process:

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System-level, science-led

We take a system-level, science-led approach to overhaul outdated, inefficient systems of production that create our food, medicine, materials, and energy.
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Focused on efficiency

We design, build and operate businesses to achieve at least a 10x reduction in the energy, cost, time, and footprint of the things we produce.
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Long-term value and impact

Our process aims to build and support high-quality businesses that positively impact customers and the planet, while creating significant economic value for investors.
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Stage agnostic

TPB builds and invests in companies with a focus on leading seed and Series A investment rounds.
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Research and Selection

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We conduct primary research with scientists, academics, and engineers in physics, biology, biochemistry, genomics, medicine, and hardware and software engineering. We identify emerging discoveries and tools with breakthrough commercial potential.

We aim to deeply understand the markets where we operate – agriculture, food, human health, materials, and energy. We identify technical, economic, and marketplace transitions that create opportunities for systemic evolution.

We define investment theses and set out to partner with exceptional teams to pursue those theses.

By connecting the dots across science, markets and talent, our businesses are solving complex, multifaceted challenges while delivering extraordinary business value to customers and stakeholders.
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Active Support

Active Support

We play an active role in supporting our businesses. Thanks to our venture foundry roots, our unique team and services drive value creation across all stages of a business’ lifecycle.
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