David Friedberg

CEO and Partner

‍Dave Friedberg is CEO of TPB. Dave helps set strategy, define TPB’s investment theses, and manages key TPB investments. Dave is a director on the boards of Lavoro (Latin America's largest ag inputs retailer) and Pattern Ag (the leading predictive agronomy company focused on soil biology).

Before TPB, he was founder and CEO of The Climate Corporation, the world’s leading digital agronomy software platform, used by farmers across 200+ million acres of farms worldwide. The Climate Corporation was acquired in 2013 for over $1 billion by Monsanto, where Dave joined as a member of the executive leadership team. 

Dave was also the founder of Metromile, the world’s leading digital auto insurance platform, which went public on NASDAQ in 2021 and was acquired in 2022. Earlier in his career, Dave held senior roles in Corporate Development and Product at Google. 

Dave co-hosts All-In, the world’s No. 1 podcast across technology, business and investing. Dave was born in South Africa and grew up in Los Angeles, graduating from University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in astrophysics. 

Dave is a self-described “extreme optimist.” He believes that capitalism – specifically entrepreneurship – is the fastest way to improve human productivity and potential, unlocking a more abundant and sustainable future for all.